Let us work for you, after all you are the most important to us

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Katrina Hodges

Katrina Hodges, Executive Director: I have been with Dunklin County Transit  Service, Inc. since 1985.  I started out as Assistant Manager, taking care  of vehicle maintenance, learning and driving routes, training drivers, and  preparing daily trip sheets. Eventually I took over payroll duties and  helping with budget applications.  I have been serving as Executive Director since 2003, overseeing day to day operations, preparing budget applications and many more duties required in this type of business.  I truly love what we do at Dunklin County Transit.  I am very blessed to be working with a wonderful  group of drivers and office staff.  We are here to serve all with their transportation needs, and encourage people to call or come by our office if they do have a  need. That is what we are all about-serving and helping you with your transporation needs.

Kristi Rawlings

My name is Kristi Rawlings. I have worked for Dunklin County Transit since 2005.  I started out as a secretary to the Executive Director. In 2012, I was promoted to Assistant Director.  I handle the scheduling of the daily routes, assign drivers, and vehicles, ensure routine maintenance is performed on all vehicles.  I work closely with Medicaid transporation to ensure our drivers are in compliance with their requirements, and prepare weekly Medicaid billings. I handle the employee’s personnel records,  pre-employment/new employee paperwork and training, payroll, liablilites, and accounts payables and receivables. I really enjoy my job and working with the great group of office staff and drivers that we have.

Teresa Payne

Debbie Stoker

My name is Debbie Stoker. I have been working for Dunklin County Transit since May 2003. I am the office assistant, and I work closely with Kristi  Rawlings. I answer the telephone, and book the local routes and  shopping  trips. I do all the data entry in the computer, and the paperwork  involved  with all the trips, both before and after the trip is completed. I keep  up with the vehicles maintenance schedule, and the information on any  mechanic  work that is done on them. I do the filing of the paperwork. I do  the daily  and monthly reports on all the information that I enter in  the computer. I  am a Jack of all Trades and Master of None. I enjoy my job,  and the other  staff and drivers are great people to work with. I have been talking to some of our clients for so many years now that I feel  like I know them even though I have  never met them face to face.