1-573-276-5806 or 1-800-696-5806

Medicaid service when authorized - call 1-866-269-5927

Kennett Local service - Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday 8:15 AM to 2:00 PM (must schedule by the day prior before noon) $6

Malden Local service - Every Tuesday 8:30 AM to 2:00 PM (must schedule by the day prior before noon) $6

Bernie/Parma/Risco/Gideon/Clarkton/Campbell to Malden any Tuesday along with Malden Local Service $10

Malden/Clarkton/Campbell/Kennett/Holcomb to Poplar Bluff-Every 2nd Wednesday of the month $15

Long Distance Medical (from Dunklin Co, Stoddard Co, Parma, Risco, or Gideon)/Shopping to Cape Girardeau-Every 3rd Thursday of the month $35

Malden/Clarkton/Campbell/Holcomb/Kennett/Arbyrd/Cardwell/Senath/Hornersville to Kennett - 2nd Thursday of each month $10

Malden/Clarkton/Campbell/Holcomb/Kennett/Arbyrd/Cardwell/Senath/Hornersville to Jonesboro (Medical & Shopping)-Every 1st Thursday of the month $35

Kennett/Holcomb/Malden/Clarkton/Campbell to Dexter- Every 4th Thursday of the month $15

*Malden & Kennett Local riders MUST call at least one day prior BEFORE noon to ride.

*All routes with the exception of Malden & Kennett Local-riders MUST call in and schedule ride at least 5 days in advance to ensure driver availability.